A beginner gets lost in EVE online

Space Jaunting 2.5 – A little application is what you need


Our new Vexor, and some Space Party RingsWe’re going to make a slight change of tack with this post.  I do sometimes try and make this a sort of beginner’s guide to EVE along with all the stories and silliness, and although I’m sure you could pick up maybe 2 tips if you sifted through all the wandering prose and poorly transcribed dialogue (everyone just speaks too fast for me to write it down!), today let’s take a moment to talk about the helpful apps, gadgets, bits and bobs that aid EVE playing no end.  Partly as an aid to newer players like myself, but also so all you experienced know-it-alls can point out I should be using other gadgets instead.

My favourite discovery of the last few weeks has been all the EVE based Android apps I never knew existed.  They’ve probably been there for ages but I didn’t have an android phone last time I played. Best of the bunch is Aura, a character monitor, skill queue reminder, market order watcher and all round database of EVE goodies making it ideal for checking up on your characters when you’re far away from your computer.  The majority of train journeys, lunch breaks and boring conversations in the last few weeks have had me reaching for Aura to check whether we’ve made any money off our trade orders or how many skills Maxi needs to fly a Covert Ops frigate.  Of course the main setback is you can’t tinker with your skill queues or orders (that’s not a complaint, that would be cheating) so you just have to watch stoney faced as every other trader beats your order price by 0.01 ISK and wait until home time to set your orders straight, but it’s still addictive as hell to check up on all things EVE related.

Talking of cheating, EVE Trade Finder searches EVE Central for profitable trades and, err, tells you where they are.  Cheating!  Luckily EVE Central always seems to be slightly but crucially out of date so any cheating haulers hopefully miss out on any good routes.

So, um, yeah that’s all the useful android apps I’ve found.  Have I missed any?  I’ve seen there’s a few like Aura but I can’t see if they’re any better or not.  If anyone knows feel free to comment.

There’s also one very useful PC based application I’ve become reacquainted with since my return: EveMon, BattleClinic’s ever useful skill planner.  Now Dave the Alt is (relatively) up to speed with all the useful trade skills there are, Maxi’s skill training as begun again in earnest.  He’s training everything Myrmidon related at the moment, he’s got the essentials to fly one now but there’s about a month’s worth of ‘recommended’ skills according to EveMon that sound like a good idea to get trained in as well.  It’s great how easy it is to formulate a training plan on EveMon, but just a bit galling when in the space of 10 minutes you’ve planned the next year’s worth of training.  The planning is fun, the actual implementation slightly tedious, just another way that EVE reflects real life.

And the one thing I still struggle with a bit is ship fitting.  I mean, I am in the luxurious position of having my own fittings expert in the shape of Serpentine Logic who is always quick to advise on a good setup whenever I mention a new ship I’m getting.  But to plan my own I still struggle.  Battleclinic is good, sure, but it doesn’t know what skills I do and don’t have so won’t know what fittings I can actually equip.  Plus a couple of times I’ve bought the ingredients I can for a new fit only to find the one thing I can’t equip makes the difference between having enough CPU to equip everything or not.  I have yet to find an app that can work out a fit based on your current skills, but I guess that would be cheating too.  I just need to get the hang of working out DPS before I’ve bought everything, not after.

Ouch!Oh, and after all Maxi’s refusals to fly another Vexor, EVE only went and gifted us one in their 9 year celebrations.  Thanks EVE!  Vexor acquisition solved.  While I’ve been tinkering with apps and Dave the Alt has been trade training, Maxi Foyle has been running level 2 missions in his new Vexor, Queen Maggie, to earn enough standing to try a Myrmidon on some level 3s.  Now he’s back on training and their combined wealth is over 200 million ISK I think now’s the time to send that Corp application to RPS Holdings and get some nullsec PvP action under his belt.  I’ll let you know how he gets on next time.

Fly safe o7

That's Maxi, right in the centre there


2 responses

  1. Serpentine Logic

    You might like to try Pyfa.

    June 11, 2012 at 3:18 am

  2. Eivind

    What happened after the summer?
    I’ve been away from EVE since summer, joined again now tho.
    Saw you mentioned me in you blog. Cool.

    January 12, 2013 at 2:37 am

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