A beginner gets lost in EVE online

Space Jaunting 2.2 – Money making, money money making

Typical trade hub congestionPolice Mech: “Maxi Foyle, I am placing you under arrest for the purchase, transportation and illegal trading of human slaves.”

Maxi Foyle: “No!  NO!  You’ve got it all wrong!  Look, here on the paper work…”

Police Mech: “The time for lying is over Mr Foyle, please come with me.”

Maxi Foyle: “No, seriously!  Look!  These are Freed Slaves, they’re free!  They’re not illegal like normal Slaves are.  They’re freed from the clutches of their evil Amarrian Slave Overlords.  I’m helping to free them!”

Police Mech: “In that case….why are they locked in your cargo hanger?”

Maxi Foyle: “Oh, well, I bought them off this guy for dead cheap, and now I’m trying to sell them for a profit.”

Police Mech: “Mr Foyle, that sounds very much like slavery to me.”

Maxi Foyle: “No!  Wait.  Huh…oh yeah, I guess it does now you mention it.  But look, the important thing is it’s legal.  I don’t make the rules, I just play the game!  These slaves are freed slaves, so they’re legal.”

Police Mech: “In that case you won’t mind me setting them free then?”

Maxi Foyle: “NO!  They cost me a million ISK!  Look, just let me sell them on for a little profit and they’ll be on their way to freedom.”

Police Mech: “What if the next buyer wants to enslave them?”

Maxi Foyle: “Look!  I don’t know!  I’m just trying to make a living here!  I’ve never done anything illegal in my life!”

Police Mech: “This criminal record for possession of illegal substances says otherwise…”

Maxi Foyle: That….!   But that was just mission loot!  I didn’t even know it was illegal!  Look, do YOU want to buy these slaves and set them free?”

Police Mech: “Err, no.”  

Maxi Foyle: “Fine then, can I get on with my very legal trading business then?”

Police Mech: “Fine.  But we’re watching you, Mr Foyle.  One little slip and BANG!  We’ll be right back in this office arresting you so fast your head will literally detach from your shoulders and spin off into space.  Literally.”

Maxi Foyle: “Whatever.”

Most of my game time in the last week has looked like thisHello!  Welcome back.  Time to tell you how Maxi’s been getting on on the trading floor of the Amarr trade hub.  Every EVEer is no doubt talking about the new Inferno update but Maxi Foyle works at his own pace, prefers talking about himself, and most disabling of all we can’t actually log into EVE to try it out because the update is so popular the ‘Universe is full’ and I will have to wait in a queue.  Which now I think about it might be what happens when babies gestate for 9 months.

Anyway, trading:

I have a little confession to make about market trading in EVE:  I didn’t really understand it when I first read about it.  What with Maxi’s background in hauling, I thought trading was like hauling without moving between stations.  I thought it would involve finding people who are selling items for cheap, buying them, and then selling them to a buyer who is willing to pay more.  And then of course I started perusing the buy and sell listings of the Amarr trade hub’s items and realised this couldn’t possibly work because all the sell listings were for more ISK than the buy listings.  Whilst rereading the kind of helpful guide I’d found everything finally clicked into place:  You’re not looking for the right listings, you’re placing listings that should make you money.  Then sitting back and hoping someone will bite.

My own stupidity expertly hurdled, the second obstacle was my general disbelief that people would actually sell stuff to me so far below the regional average, and then other people buy the same stuff back at hugely inflated prices.  But fair play, it works!  Maxi Foyle’s 8 million ISK has now become 40 million ISK, although almost all of that is tied up in buy orders and stock I’m trying to shift, I could pack in the trading game now and walk away with 30 million immediately.  Still small change by EVE standards but the more ISK we have the more we can invest and the quicker we should be able to earn our billions.

Trading is another one of those things that just amazes me about EVE.  Here is a living, breathing, player-led economy that can be played for profit in a way that just couldn’t be simulated, and which doesn’t really exist to my knowledge in any other game.  Plus as addictive and engrossing as the trading is, it’s just another tiny part of the EVE universe.  Focusing solely on trading is like playing a completely different game.

The best thing about trading is the fact it can earn you money while you’re not logged in, which feels like the EVE way to do things.  It’s immensely satisfying to come home from work and find your bank balance has shot up another 3 million ISK because some moron needed 10 Stasis Webifiers so badly they paid 300,000 ISK a piece for them.  In fact the only problems with it are all the other buggers trying to out bid your buy and sell orders, and the fact you therefore have to check in at the trade hub regularly to tinker with your orders to make sure they’re still competitive.  The smart thing to do is to train an alt to do this stuff, but as explained above I’m not that smart, and Maxi just doesn’t do wealth sharing.

Trading: Like hauling but......no, no, nothing like haulingExciting as it’s been these last few days, this trading life can’t go on forever or Maxi will never get to null-sec, so we’re going to set a target after which we’ll set off for null-sec and the RPS Holdings corporation:  100 million ISK

Hopefully a week more trading will get us there, but I’m currently formulating a little alternative plan that might even speed things up in that regard.  I’ll save that juicy little titbit for next time.

fly safe o7


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