A beginner gets lost in EVE online

Space Jaunting 2.1 – Second Impressions

So here we are!  Back in business.  Maxi Foyle, Space Hibernator, is defrosted, showered and has just got back from taking a couple of ships for a spin to get the feel of things again.  Now that’s blown the last of the luminous, blue, cryostasis gunk out of his hair it’s probably time to ask him what he thinks:

The new (for me anyway) Captain's Quarters.  Err, nice I guess.

Maxi.  How does it feel to be back after such an epic sleep?

“Oh, yeah, great, I feel like I’ve slept for a year.”

Yes, well…you have!  Everything how you remember it?

“Hmm, yeah, I guess so.  My memory is still a bit groggy from the cryostasis.  I don’t remember these ‘Captain’s Quarters’ at all…”

Actually, I don’t remember coming in here either.

“…and I don’t remember having such bad taste in clothes!”

Yes, and I don’t remember you having such a camp walk.


Nothing!  Let’s see if we can get you some new clothes then.  Hmm, yeah, here we go the ‘Noble Exchange’ let’s see…..here’s a nice shirt for….2000AUR.

“How much is 2000 AUR?”

Erm, let’s see…. oh, about 250 million ISK.

“HOW MUCH!  When did clothes get so expensive!?  I’m surprised people haven’t been rioting in the space streets!”

Actually, they have.

“Bloody hell, can I go back to sleep until I can afford some new clothes?”

Nope!  We’ve got work to do Maxi.

“Like what?”

The same thing we do everyday, Maxi: Prepare for galactic domination.

“Oh yeah, ok, I’m in.  Can I just grab something to eat first?”

Sure.  Go for it, I need to finish up this blog post anyway.

Millenia of human progress and still nothing much to watch on TVSo, we’re back in the saddle.  It’s amazing how even after a year off things soon fall back into place.  I thought I’d have to climb back up the epic learning curve again, but we’ve been out mining and ratting and both came back to me like riding a space bicycle.  Apart from the totally unnecessary Captain’s Quarters I’ve only noticed a few little changes, my favourite being the new effects bar which makes it infinitely easier to see what enemies are trying to do to you.  And now I think about it the spaceships are that bit shinier than last time.

The inevitable question with EVE Online is: What to do next?  I’ve learned from my last attempt at this to maybe reel in the list of goals a bit so as not to overwhelm poor Maxi Foyle.  The main aim is still the same though:  Find a Corporation, make it in nullsec, carve out a profitable little niche of the universe to call home.

As I said in the last post, one of the things that brought me back to EVE was an invite from a reader to join the RPS Holdings corporation if I ever resubbed, so I intend to take Eivind up on his kind offer shortly.  But we can’t turn up on a PvP corporation’s doorstep with no ISK to our name, and no ships to fight with.  I’d forgotten how sorry a state Maxi was in just before he went into cryogenic sleep:

I think Maxi’s final, war torn days of mid-2011 are best saved for another post or this will get too long, but what Maxi has returned to is just over 8 million ISK in savings, 3 ships (a Retriever, an Iteron 1 and an Incursus).  Beyond these and a few crates of ammo and assorted ratting rewards scattered across various hangers around the galaxy Maxi has nothing to his name but the implants in his head.  It’s going to be a bit of a climb to get back to where we were let alone to the top of the EVE tree.

So first things first, we need some ISK.  One of the several ISK making ventures I still haven’t tried yet is market trading, and after reading this blog in the last couple of days I think 8 million ISK might just be enough to get investing.  So with that in mind we’re boarding Maxi’s Iteron, the Winning Tortoise and taking the 5 short jumps to the Amarr trade hub.

A billion ISK, here we come!  Until next post, fly safe o7

It's good to be back


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