A beginner gets lost in EVE online

Space Jaunting: Part 2 – Day 1 – A Private Individual

Hello.  As I mentioned Maxi was invited to test his mettle at PvP last week as the final part of his Basic Training for his (now previous) Corp.  Maxi was told to fit out a Tristan with a particular fitting set-up and warp out to a deserted asteroid field in the Mehatoor system for some Karate Kid style training and sparring.

The trick, it seems, to 1 on 1, or ‘solo’, PvP is all about keeping your enemy where you want them, and making sure you’re not where they want you.  This is achieved through the use of Warp Disruptors and Stasis Webifiers which, once you’re in range to use them, lock down the target’s warp drive so they can’t warp away, and then slows their speed making it a lot easier to hit them and keep them within the range of your warp disruptor.

So the first part of Maxi’s training was to practice warping in to the asteroid belt, locking his trainer and getting the warp disruptor and stasis webifier on and keeping them on him whilst he wriggled and squirmed and tried every way he could to escape the range of the warp disruptor and warp out.  The lesson Maxi learnt?  That his trainer can indeed escape his warp disruptor and get out, but this was only achievable because his trainer was using a Micro-Warp drive to speed away from Maxi.  Now a Micro-Warp drive uses up a ship’s capacitor incredibly quickly so the good news is an enemy target using one to get away isn’t going to be able to waste capacitor energy on firing weapons, plus if they don’t get away quickly enough they may empty their capacitor altogether before they’re out of range and be stranded powerless to resist your attack.  And of course not everybody has a micro warp drive fitted.  Lesson 1 complete!

Lesson 2 was the tables reversed: Maxi’s trainer would warp in from elsewhere in the system and lock down Maxi’s systems, Maxi then had to try to escape the disruptor’s range and warp out.  This was great fun, and it took a few goes before Maxi worked out how to do it.  Again Maxi’s trainer had a faster ship thanks to the Micro-Warp drive so Maxi just couldn’t get far enough away from him to lose the warp disruption, but as mentioned the Micro-Warp drive ate up his trainer’s capacitor which when empty could no longer sustain the Warp Disruptor.  The trick, Maxi learned, was to keep an eye on the overview which marks little symbols for any effects players are having on you, i.e. Warp Disrupting.  As soon as the disruption symbol disappeared from the overview Maxi slammed warp and shot out before his trainer’s capacitor was back.  It was thrilling and he wasn’t even shooting at me.  Lesson 2 complete!

Lesson 3: As his trainer explained “I’m going to warp in and start shooting, I’ll try to stop when I reach your hull but apologies if I blow you up!  Now try to pop me before I do.”  And with that Maxi was expected to take part in his first PvP.  His trainer warped in in an Atron, an amazingly crap frigate, but he was far more skilled in PvP skills, it was going to be a close match.  It’s fair to say I can now see the appeal of PvP combat.  As with much of the game you’re not really involved in the action, in fact your overview will be set up to look something like this:

That shot’s from a mission not actually of the PvP battle, I was too involved to take photos, but that is the vantage point you watch it from, with an eye on the distance circles to make sure your target’s in the right range for your weapons.  After locking and webbing his target there was little Maxi could do beyond hitting ‘orbit at 630m’ and ‘fire missiles’ and ‘fire guns’ and watch with biting nails as the two sets of shields, armours and hulls slowly lit red as we blasted chunks out of each other.  It’s brilliant, exciting and nerve-racking, the only thing I can compare it to is watching a penalty shoot out involving a much loved football team.  It’s unlike combat in other games because it’s taken so long to get to this point: Weeks of skill training, millions of ISK invested in the ship and loadout, all boiling down to 30 seconds of tension, fear and then…

Elation as the trainer’s ship exploded!  It happened just as Maxi’s hull had been breached, it was that close.  What a rush!  I can see why people spend their whole EVE lives skulking around looking for fights now.  After gathering up his trainer’s lost loot and handing it back at the nearest station, training was complete.  Maxi was rewarded the rank of Private in the corporation, little knowing that days later the corporation would be no more.

So Maxi now has one kill on his killsheet, but it would be unfair to claim that when his opponent would have easily bested him if he hadn’t chosen such a useless frigate.  I think we might have to add another goal to Maxi’s list:

7. Get some proper PvP kills on his killsheet

In fact these goals are getting all over the place, I feel it might be time to review them and see where we are and where we want to be by the end of Part 2.

Until next time, fly safe o7


3 responses

  1. Serpentine Logic

    Some UI tips:

    1. minimize the neocom on the left to free up real estate
    2. Local should be in its own window; fleet chat generally is grouped with the others.
    3. It’s really good to have multiple overview tabs so you can quickly switch between travel overview, combat overview (without friendlies, wrecks and roids), and salvage/mining overview.
    4. pinning windows is really good
    5. you can change the Eve theme if you want in the settings menu.

    May 24, 2011 at 1:55 am

    • Serp, where would I be without you! Knew there was a good reason for showing my cluttered UI on here. Thanks for the tips, excellent as always, I will implement them now

      May 24, 2011 at 2:02 am

  2. Serpentine Logic

    I just like to lecture ppl I guess 🙂

    May 24, 2011 at 11:19 pm

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