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Space Jaunting: Part 1 – Final Day – Political Incorrectness

Hi.  Welcome back to the ‘new look’ Space Jaunting blog.  I finally clicked on the ‘appearance’ button and took the chance to spacify everything a bit.  Hope you like it?  We’ve been gone for a while, apologies about that, but Maxi Foyle has been gagged by a Super-Space-Injunction from revealing any of the following information until this point.  (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

Basically there’s been a bit of corporation politics going on over the last week or so, and it would have been very foolish of Maxi to divulge his thoughts and actions during that period on a blog that all his corpmates could easily view.  The long, short and round of it is that Maxi Foyle is no longer a member of the LPT corporation who took him in in his first week of EVE playing.  Sad as that sounds he has instead jumped ship to a new corp that contains the majority of his best mates from the previous corp, and it seems a generally much better corp to be a part of.  How?  Why?  What?  Let me explain.

I’m going to tell a story now, and whilst it is Maxi’s understanding of events surrounding his corp’s recent collapse it is very much a story told with the story in mind, so it’s true to the best of his knowledge but it involves some assumptions about people’s motives which may be more evil and malicious than they really were, but they make for a better story so that’s what we’re going with.

We’re going to tell the story of a player, we’ll call him Dil, who was CEO of the LPT corporation that had been running for quite a long time, it had a tight group of lieutenants adept at mining, PvPing and missioning.  It had recently recovered from an alliance war which had left it battered and bruised and it was looking to consolidate and rebuild by getting new players in to build its numbers and use them to build a POS from which to launch its future operations.  And so Dil’s lieutenants were sent out into the galaxy to gather as many new corp members as possible, no requirements were stipulated, new players, experienced players, everyone was welcome in.  Dil had a plan to exploit these new recruits, and the trick was to keep even his closest lieutenants out of the loop, so they were all off praising the worth of the corp to anyone who would listen, genuinely believing their own words, and recruiting tens of people over the course of a few weeks.  It was during that time that the titular Maxi Foyle, Space Crumpet, was recruited to their militaristic cause and was quickly involved in the training schedule and mining operations, as we’ve discussed at length in previous posts.

Something I didn’t really mention in previous posts was the payment structure for the mining operations.  It was fairly, err, random.  After Maxi’s first op he was offered payment in the form of a Retriever, however having already got one himself he asked for cash instead and sure enough 5 million ISK was deposited there and then by the corp’s mining officer.  Future payments were promised in a similar way and Maxi merrily continued going to mining ops and not really thinking about it when a couple of ops came and went without payment, and didn’t pay much more attention when some of his fellow miners started questioning how it was worked out who got paid what and when we were going to get paid.  He just carried on oblivious to the vague and changing answers and it was only after a couple of private conversations a week ago that he started to smell a rat.  The word from the top was we had an order to fill, and until we got all the ore needed to fill the order the corp wasn’t going to get paid, and so the miners weren’t going to get paid until then either.  About a week ago it became apparent that wasn’t strictly true, and a few days later the corp was all but disbanded.

Of course, what had happened was Maxi had fallen for the oldest EVE trick in the book:  Working for free under the lie that “we could pay you a bit now, but if we crack on we could all get paid a lot more money in the future” when in fact, the CEO had no intention of paying anyone at all.  Even the mining officer, a long term lieutenant in the corp who had known the CEO for months, believed the lie and had made the few payments we had seen out of his own pocket, awaiting the big pay cheque from the CEO at a later date.

Last weekend, whilst Maxi was offline, a couple of his fellow corp members twigged what was going on and Renge, Maxi’s recruiter, trainer, and all time EVE role-model used his powers as a corp lieutenant to access and empty the corp’s (limited) bank accounts to spread the ISK out amongst the unpaid miners (it didn’t nearly cover the amount of ore we had mined but it was better than nothing) and then promptly resigned.  As soon as Maxi logged on the following day and found out what happened he resigned too but was immediately able to join a new corp a defecting LPT member had created and that was quickly swelling in rank due to the number of old corp mates jumping ship from LPT.

And so Maxi Foyle, Space Scam Victim, is no longer a member of LPT corporation, but instead is now part of LP Manufacturing ltd.  A new, tight-knit, slightly industry focused corporation who are trying their very best to prove they’re not trying to scam everyone like the last corp!  We have voice chats and everything!  It’s quite exciting.

What has Maxi been up to for his new corp then?  So far mostly moving house to the new headquarters, doing a bit of mining (no operations yet to speak of, but the corp conveniently buys ore from you directly if you have mined some, which benefits everyone), finally setting up a PI planet, with another coming this afternoon, and joining in some more level 4 missions, this time in Crimples which is still massively underpowered to take on level 4 missions, but with some help from his fleetmates he’s not had too many scrapes and been able to earn loads more ISK from the mission rewards and dropped loot than his standard level 1 missions provide.

That’s it for this post, otherwise it’s going to go on forever, but there are a couple of things I want to tell you about from the last week so expect more posts very soon.  First up will be how Maxi got in that PvP he mentioned at the end of the last post.

One final note is regarding the totally non-sensical titles I’ve been using for the blog.  I’m sure many (myself included) have wondered what ‘Part 1’ is meant to entail, and why I keep calling the posts ‘day something’ when in fact whole weeks may have passed between ‘day 9’ and ‘day 10’, for instance.  I don’t know either!  But it’s the system I’ve accidently set up now, so I’m going to stick with it.  With that in mind I think the moving to Maxi’s second corporation in his EVE life is a big enough event to warrant bringing an end to this opening ‘Part 1’ segment, and start the next post as Part 2, in which Maxi is no longer such a newcomer to these parts, has a steady flow of ISK coming in well in advance of his initial aim, and maybe even makes his way into null-sec space.

It’s good to be back.  Fly safe o7


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