A beginner gets lost in EVE online

Space Jaunting: Part 1 – Day 9 – It’s Basic Training, Basically

Here she is!  Look at her!  Take in all her wonderful, shiny, green curves.  Marvel at her easy grace as she carves her way through warp-space.  You whisper her name as you embrace her image: “Crimples“, you whisper “Crimples, you are the most beautiful drone ship that looks like an upside-down ski boot I’ve ever seen.”  She replies with a face-full of deadly scout drones.

That’s right, Maxi has finally piloted his new Vexor, and it’s fair to say they’ve fallen completely in love with one another.  It’s very early stages in their relationship of course, in fact they haven’t even seen any ….you know…. ‘action’ together (because they’re 27 jumps from the epic arc mission hub) but even so Maxi Foyle, Space Mechanophiliac, can’t help giggling with glee every time he sees her.

Anyway, Crimples unveiling aside, there’s only been a couple of things to tell you about since the last post so I will keep it short and sweet:

First up: I forgot to mention Maxi Foyle had reported to corporation HQ to start his Basic Training.  One of the totally brilliant aspects of his corporation is that there is a whole military-style setup with members earning military ranks as they progress through the corporation from Private up through lieutenants and captains to commanders and eventually, err, C.E.O!  Well, it is a corporation, after all.

But to attain the rank of Private, and to prove he can be of some combat use to the corp, Maxi must complete Basic Training which, this being EVE, does not involve spending 3 months in boot camp crawling through space mud, but instead involves purchasing and learning a set of basic skills centered around ship management, rigging and weaponry.  Having been playing for a few weeks Maxi was fairly confident he’d probably have most of them already, but it turns out he was lacking about 30 of them!  So once again his training queue has been reprioritised, with the drone skills needed to launch medium attack drones from his Vexor being bumped down the list again.

Interestingly the one skill that stands out from the basic training as not being very basic is the need to get level 4 Graviton Physics which is primarily required to use cloaking devices.  Not quite sure what the corp has got in mind here, but that could come in very useful for Maxi if he wants to survive in null-sec.  The worrying/exciting thing is that’s probably what the corp have got in mind for us too.

So what else as been happening?  Well, a lot of mining and…even more mining.  At the moment, now he’s got a Retriever, the mining is the easiest, quickest and safest way Maxi has of earning some ISK, so we’ve been doing it every time we log on recently.

Maxi also tried a few local level 1 missions, but they’re so poorly paid it’s hardly worth the effort.  Unfortunately, it seems grinding through level 1 missions for a particular corporation  or faction is the only way to unlock more profitable, higher level missions from them.

For now though Maxi needs all the ISK he can get to buy level 3 implants, which improve a characters stats, which most importantly helps you learn skills much more quickly.  At about 10 million ISK an implant though it’s taking a while to get a full set (of 5).

That’s about it for now.  I told you it would be a short one!  I’ll see if Maxi can do something other than more bloody mining before next time.

Fly safe o7


3 responses

  1. Serpentine Logic

    Graviton physics is for making cloaking devices; using them only requires the Cloaking skill.

    May 9, 2011 at 4:51 am

  2. Ah. That…that makes even less sense why the corp want me to train it then! Hmm, I might have a word with one of the training guys, see what’s going on.

    Thanks again for more valuable knowledge Serpentine.

    May 9, 2011 at 10:51 pm

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