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Space Jaunting: Part 1 – Day 6 – The Maxi Foyle Charity Fund Raiser

Hello and welcome to a slightly unusual blog post today:  Today, because in the real world someone who will one day be important is getting married, I have a day off work.  This got me thinking about a couple of things:

  1. What to do with a day off?
  2. Why is Maxi Foyle not getting married?

The answer to question 2, I realised, must be the enormous wealth needed to host a grand wedding and therefore the answer to question 1 would surely be to spend the day accruing enormous wealth in any way possible, in the name of love or, failing that, galactic domination (or, more realistically, to buy a mining barge).

So I cordially invite you to the first Maxi Foyle Charity Fund Raiser day! 

The goal?  To double Maxi’s ISK savings before the end of the day.  Maxi currently has 7,313,036.42 ISK, so the aim is to hit:

15,000,000 ISK before the end of the day

I’ll be updating the blog throughout the day to let you how we are getting on.  It might sound small change to the more experienced EVE players reading this but Maxi has hardly seen over 5 mill since he started as every bit of money earnt, at about 100,000 ISK a mission, was going on ships, skills and equipment.

The plan of action is to grind through as many epic ark missions as possible, whilst keeping an eye on the markets for any money making opportunities hauling goods between stations.  Hopefully, if I don’t lose a hold full of goods or too many ships on missions, we might actually hit our target!  So, not wanting to delay any further, we currently have:

08:18 EVE time – 7,313,036.42 ISK

Let’s get to work

Update: 10:51 EVE time – 9,094,472.73 ISK

The last couple of hours have been pretty productive so far, we’re certainly on target having accrued about a million ISK an hour.  Maxi’s been non-stop hauling as a few excellent opportunities have popped up, at one point earning 800,000 ISK in one shipment of Spirits into low-sec space.  Dangerous, I know, but the opportunity to double our profit was too much to pass up.  So far, luckily, there’s been no incidents to speak of.  Logging off now for the ‘scheduled downtime’.  After the break Maxi’s going to head to the Epic Arc mission hub and take the Inquisitive Badger II out for some missioning, and see if he can earn ISK any quicker doing missions.  07 fly safe

Update: 14:52 EVE time – 11,922,921.71 ISK

A few more hours, a few more million ISK!  This is going surprisingly well.  I’ve only been logged on about an hour so far this afternoon, but after catching up with some house hold chores I sat down for a proper EVE session and started making the journey to Arnon IX where I was certain I’d left the Inquisitive Badger II ready for missioning, only to arrive and find I’d taken her to pick up the Iteron in Clellinon and left her there, 11 jumps away!

Rather than make another long journey straight away I had another look for any local hauling opportunities and found a station selling antibiotics at 300 ISK in the same system another station was looking for antibiotics and willing to pay 350 ISK for them.  Easy ISK!  So the extra 3 million ISK Maxi’s earnt was actually earned in the space of 10 minutes ferrying antibiotics between the 2 stations.  Sadly the supplier has now run out, so no more easy ISK.  Time to pick up the Inquisitive Badger II and do some missioning, really this time.

07 fly safe

Update: 17:18 EVE time – 15,161,315.72 ISK

Made it!  A good days work, and a pretty accurate goal to set in the end!  Might do some more EVEing later and bump that up even more, but for now I’ve been ordered to corporation headquarters (27 jumps away!) to get some basic training with a few other newbies.

The rest of this afternoon’s ISK collecting started with a few missions on the epic arc until I lost another ship, the Inquisitive Badger II 😦

Having only earned about 500,000 ISK from the missions anyway I went back to hauling and found a few really good routes, mostly between low and high-sec systems.  It’s strange to say it but I’m really enjoying the hauling!  Especially the high risk low-sec hauls.  The fear and anticipation you get when you jump into a low-sec system with a cargohold filled with 10 million ISK worth of Spirits is thrilling, and the relief when you make it to your destination unharmed and sell the lot for 12 million ISK is brilliant.

That’s the end of Maxi’s fund-raising event though.  Thanks to all who took part!  As I said we’re now going to make the 27 jumps to Corporation headquarters and join in some real training with real people, and hopefully some mining operations before the end of the weekend.

See you soon.  o7 fly safe


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