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Space Jaunting: Part 1 – Day 5 – This Corporate Life

Hello!  Welcome back.  Sorry we’ve been gone so long, I’ve been seeing family over Easter and Maxi Foyle, Corporate Space Lacky, has been busy being corporate.  Last time out, you’ll remember, Maxi was setting off for Arnon IX.  The reason?  To start the ‘Epic Arc’, a series of story-based missions designed to test your new-found combat skills and earn you some ISK.  And unbelievably both are going well for once!

Having extensively trained in drone use Maxi can now utilise the Inquisitive Badger’s large (for a frigate) drone bay to deploy 3 attack drones at once, then sit back and snipe enemies’ from afar whilst the drones buzz around dealing damage to anyone sorry enough to stand in the way.  With this tactic, and the confidence boost of the last post’s successful combat, Maxi has been eating up loads of these missions, earning a good chunk of ISK in the process.  Not that he’s got anything to show for it because all that ISK is going back on skill books to help train a few new things:

Firstly, Planetary Interaction – This allows you to build resource bases on planets which gather up resources for you to collect and sell for profit.  Simple. And the best thing about it is this resource gathering happens whether you’re logged on or not, essentially making you ISK whilst you sleep, work and (god forbid!) play other games.  I haven’t set up a base yet as the necessary skill training has been put on hold again whilst Maxi really gets to work training those Mining Barge skills he was thinking of taking up a few posts ago.  Why the sudden need to learn how to mine properly?  Because Maxi Foyle, long time Space Hobo, has finally got himself a job!

Now the last time out Maxi had some concerns about his new Corporation, nothing to do with the welcoming and helpful members he’d met, just that he’d only met a few and noone seemed to be online when he was.  Well luckily that’s all changed.  The last week Maxi has seen lots more members logging on in the evening and he’s really been seeing the benefits of being part of a corporation.  The best aspect of corporate life, aside from all the helpful words and advice from more experienced players, is the jobs on offer:  Maxi’s been invited to join Wormhole hunters (I felt it best to avoid any more wormholes for time being after Maxi’s previous form with them), mission fleets, and, most appealingly, mining operations.

So with the promise of a regular wage and escapades with friends enticing him Maxi is ploughing all his training into the necessary skills to pilot a Retriever.  It’s a mid level mining barge, not quite as fancy as the one Maxi saw in his earlier blog-post, but a much more attainable one.  In fact, after a weeks training, he’s now only 3 days away from having all the necessary skills to get on board and get involved in the mining ops.

After spending my first 2 weeks training bits and bobs as they’ve taken my fancy or been gifted to me by generous mission agents, it’s nice to finally have some focus to his training now.  I’ve also started using the excellent EveMon to help plan Maxi’s training schedules as well, it brilliantly lets you click on a ship and it pops up with all the skills you need to train and the best order to train them in.  With this new focused approach to training Maxi’s formed a bit of a training schedule:  Once the Retriever skills are learnt he’ll finish enough Planetary Interaction skills to earn some ISK from it, but then he’s learning how to pilot one of these beauties:

The Vexor.  It’s a cruiser class drone ship, ideal for Maxi’s existing drone skills, and will give him enough firepower to take on more difficult missions later in the Epic Arc.

Obviously, this being Maxi Foyle’s blog, the last week hasn’t all been plain sailing.  Maxi never goes blunder free for long and the saddest event was definately the loss of the faithful Inquisitive Badger in a slightly too difficult mission.  Never fear though, Maxi is now riding around in the Inquisitive Badger II:

Almost identical, no?

I’ll finish with an anecdote of a typically Maxi Foyle-esque piece of bad luck (i.e. entirely of his own making) he had last night:  Having finally upgraded my trial account at the end of the 2 weeks Maxi was able to train the Industrial Ship skill needed to fly the Iteron he had been gifted at the end of his Industrial tutorial missions.  The Iteron is a basic ship with barely any points to fit weapons or upgrades, but it does have a HUGE cargobay.  Now he could use it Maxi thought he’d take it out for a test drive and what better way to test a large hauler than to do some hauling?

With that in mind Maxi looked through the buy and sell prices of goods around the region on the market and found a good opportunity hauling electronic parts 5 jumps between two systems for a tidy profit of 400,000 ISK for a full cargohold.  Not bad for a first attempt he thought so Maxi set off, bought the goods for nearly 4,000,000 ISK (when he only had just over 5 million in the bank) and set off with a full hold for his intended drop-off.

Maxi’s destination was in 0.4 security space, which alarmed Maxi somewhat, but it was the only part of the journey in low-sec space, and all he was going to have to do was jump in, warp to the station, and dock.  When he reached the final jumpgte a warning popped up highlighting the dangers of low-sec space, but Maxi once again closed the warning (this is becoming a theme, methinks) and with held breath Maxi clicked jump…

Upon arriving in low-sec space Maxi immediately leapt out of his skin as a bright red name appeared in his overview, indicating a hostile player, likely a pirate, was within close range.  Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap!  4,000,000 ISK.  At this stage it would take as long to jump back as it would to warp to his destination, so Maxi hit warp and prayed the massive, lumbering ship would act before the pirate noticed him and his valuable cargo.

After a few incredibly long seconds the warp drive kicked in and Maxi zoomed to his target station.  No shots were fired, no target locks were identified.  The pirate had let Maxi pass!  So, with sweat wiped from his brow, Maxi docked, sold the goods and pocketed his evenings profit without incident.

Another success for the irrepressible Maxi Foyle, Space Profiteer!  Or at least it was until he undocked into space and immediately had is empty hull blown to smithereens by the same pirate he passed on the way in!  It would have been worth hanging around just to see the look on the pirates face when the huge hauler popped to reveal nothing but more space, but Maxi didn’t feel like hanging around long enough to lose his escape capsule too.

It taught Maxi a good lesson though.  Whilst the ship was more than covered by the profit of the mission, if he’d lost it when it was full of 4 million ISK worth of electronic parts….it doesn’t bear thinking about.  Might leave the hauling in low-sec alone until I’ve learnt how to cloak!

That’s all for now.  Next time: An ISK race.

Fly Safe 07


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