A beginner gets lost in EVE online

Space Jaunting: Part 1 – Day 3 – Trading Places

Maxi Foyle: “I’ll give you 60,000 for it”

Market seller: “No, it’s 82,997.37 ISK, sir”

Maxi Foyle:  “Alright then 65,000!”

Market seller: “No…look, it’s very simple: If you want this gun, you must pay 82,997.37 ISK, that is it’s price”

Maxi Foyle: “But I can get it for 60,000 in the Scheenins V system!”

Market Seller: “Yes, but that’s in Scheenins V.  Here in Clellinon VI it’s 82,997.37 ISK”

Maxi Foyle: “Ok, then, 70,000!  That’s my final offer.”

Market Seller: “LOOK!…sir…this is the year 23000 and something, we do not barter!  We run a free market in which prices fluctuate due to supply and demand, availability of resources, prevailing interest rates and local taxes, it’s very simple!  If you want to go all the way to Scheenins V to pay 60,000 ISK for this gun and hope you make the long journey before they sell out and that it’s not a lure to scam total newbies like you clearly are, (no offence sir), then by all means go there!”

Maxi Foyle : “Fine then, I will!”

<2 minutes later>

Maxi Foyle : “Err, here’s 83,000 ISK”

Market Seller <grinning>: “And here’s your change and your Limited Light Neutron Blaster 1.  Would you like it gift wrapped…?”

Maxi Foyle: “Oh, piss off.”

So, Maxi Foyle, Space barterer, is coming on leaps and bounds in his business training, as you can see.  It may sound ridiculous, especially from someone who even finds the combat boring, but the EVE online economy is a thing of absolute majesty.  Basically everything in the game: guns, ships, goods, ammo; is all made by real players.  So whilst any market you enter on any station comes up with a price for a good, clicking on the good will reveal all the sellers selling that good in the vicinity and all the prices they’re selling them for.  And for each item on sale a player has taken the time to manufacture it, just like Maxi learnt how to in the last post.

All this manufacturing and selling is working on such a grand scale in EVE that it pretty accurately resembles a real life economy where supply and demand affect prices, so whilst a replacement Limited Light Neutron Blaster 1 for the one Maxi lost in -1.0 space costs 61,000 ISK in the low-sec Sheenins V system (where there’s low demand because everyone uses more advanced weapons to survive and the materials needed to make the guns are in abundance), in the Clellinon VI system where trainees like me are learning the ropes and can’t easily build our own, they go for 81,000 ISK.  Annoying but brilliant.

Once again there’s money to be made here too.  Buying guns cheap in low-sec space to sell to high-sec residents will obviously turn a profit, and after evehermit kindly pointed out some slight miscalculations in how wealthy Maxi thinks miners really are, Maxi Foyle, Space Ponderer, has spent a lot of time wandering whether to go into Space Haulage, just like his old space dad did (in Elite).

Anyway, despite the misleading post titles, it’s been a few days since we last posted and a lots happened since the last post:

First, foremost and most excitingly we have achieved one of our goals:

3.  Join a human corporation

Maxi Foyle, Space Socialiser, is now a member of Ludus Principatus Terrae (Itself a member of the Principatus Terrae Alliance).  How?  Why?  Well it’s all down to their incredibly charismatic recruiter/part-time Elvis impersonator Renge Ukyo (see pic).

It all started when Maxi was spending a productive evening mining asteroids in the local system, gathering together enough materials for the final business training mission, when the brash Renge warped in and burst onto the local chat channel, flirting with the girls, bantering the boys, and making wild offers to all newbies to sign up to his Corporation to get free ships, free training and generally have a wild time.

Maxi’s initial caution was thrown to the wind after a couple of other players offered their allegiance to Renge, so Maxi applied to the Corp and was signed up and in the Alliance chat channel within minutes.  We spent a pleasant hour or so chatting to Maxi’s new Corporation members and all the while the inimitable Renge would pop in and out like a whirlwind proposing training sessions, then cancelling those to fly 10 jumps to help a Coporation member in need, only to come back and try to organise a skirmish against another alliance before suddenly announcing he had maths class and logging out!

I still have no idea what to make of the Corporation, through all the chatting last night Maxi couldn’t work out what the Corporation was really about or why they suddenly wanted a load of newbies and what they planned to do with us (train us up to be loyal team members, or use us as cannon fodder in an Alliance skirmish?).  To be honest I don’t really mind, if the ride’s as crazy as the recruitment process this could be a fun Corp to be a part of (must remember to insure my ship before flying with them!).  The only real issue I can foresee is there seems to be a big timezone issue as most members I met last night appear to be in America and were only just getting together a plan to run a mission when this sad Brit had to log off and get to bed.

We’ll let you know how that goes.

Maxi Foyle, Space Ditherer, is still a long way from his other goals.  As we speak the lowest-sec space he’s been in is 0.4 and that was only a flying visit from one jumpgate to the next on a trade mission.  The bank balance is 2,670,925.43 ISK, so barely a quarter of our target but Maxi’s confident he could recover from a couple of mishaps with that much in savings.  Only problem is he’s about to spend it on 8 guns because…

… Maxi Foyle, Space Ship Skipper, now owns his very own Destroyer!  Plus, I think, he’s 1 mission away from completing all the training missions.  Which is pretty handy, and now that destroyer skill training is complete he’s ready to head out in his very own Catalyst to complete the last mission!  (Another gift from a generous trainer!)  It can use 8 guns at a time!  I’m surprisingly excited by this statistic.  With that in mind we’re going to call it a day here and get back to pirate blasting.

Assuming this mission goes swimmingly there’s going to be nothing left to keep Maxi in Clellinon VI (except for a warehouse full of accumulated crap and some vague bond with a couple of the nuttier frequenters of the Clellinon VI system (Jain, I’m thinking of you!)).  Time to make some plans and pack some boxes.  Maybe Maxi’s new Corporation can suggest where best to set up a home next.

Until next time (to use the EVE lingo I’m finally picking up:), Fly Safe…


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