A beginner gets lost in EVE online

Space Jaunting: Part 1 -Day 1 – Finding my space feet

ISK accrued: 1,342,600.48; Corporation membership: Center for Advanced Studies (NPC); Lowest Security region visited: 0.6; Ships: 4.

So, I’m in!  My first day’s taste of EVE online is over and as you can see from the above info we’re getting some of the way towards part 1’s goals.  I’ve had a good taste of the game and can definitely say I’m enjoying it, though it does contain all the best and worst aspects of MMOs in equal measure.  On the plus side there’s a rich presence of other
human players to interact with, a wealth of options to advance your character and their space career into, and aspects like the Corporation recruitment ‘board’ I spoke of in the last post actually being a chat channel where you can talk to recruitment officers from
individual corporations (more on this later).

On the downside the game is trying very hard to be a game, and not an experience, so you don’t actually get to fly your spaceship, instead you merely right-click on something and instruct it to go there, and this right-clicking continues into the combat mechanics and I imagine every other aspect of the game (I’ve so far only really experienced combat).
Anyway, this is not a review, this is a space blog!  So let’s pick up the story so far…:

First things first, after working through the truly excellent character creator, largely
choosing points at random, and then spending a surprisingly long time on the face editor, let me introduce you to our space adventurer Maxi Foyle, Useless Space Scientist:

Don’t let his looks fool you.  Maxi is a member of the Gallente Federation, which is basically the space equivalent of
modern Western culture, so Maxi had a safe, privileged upbringing and no doubt now holds an entitlement complex, hence why he’s trying to conquer the universe.  To add a slight twist Maxi was brought up in the Gallente Federation as a child of Intaki parents, who are a fairly integrated ethnic minority within the Federation.  Interestingly the only noticeable physical difference between the 2 races is the Intaki have ginger hair!  (I’m not maing this up!  This is all stated in-game)  Also, Maxi went to University rather than military academy after school, and so has lots of Science according to his stats (I’ve yet to work out what, if any, use this is!).

So Maxi Foyle, Space Masochist, is a nice, clean, middle class boy from a ginger minority,
who plans to use his expensive education to build a vast ISK making empire in the reaches of deep space.  I hate him already, but I won’t let that stop me blogging about him, I’m far too professional for that.

Maxi’s first days have been spent getting to grips with flying and fighting in spaceships.
The Center for Advanced Studies isn’t a player run Corporation, alas, it is instead a training corporation you are automatically assigned to when first entering the game.  There’s a number of areas to train in and, neatly, after the initial basic tutorial you train by running missions for agents rather than just being told what to do by endless bullet points.

Fearing the hostile nature of this universe Maxi went for Military training first.  While
our trainer seemed like a nice enough guy he basically had Maxi running errands for the Gallente Federation rather than giving him much training.  The main aim of his missions were trying, and eventually succeeding,  to rid the universe of a menacing pirate named Wolf.  Or at least he had a menacing name.  If I was able to kill him in a
training mission he probably isn’t that much of a menace.

Vital tactical lessons learnt:

  1. Remember to take ammo for your weapons! (I actually ran about 3 missions before I worked out why all my guns except the basic blaster weren’t
  2. Don’t buy a ship – generous trainers will give you free ships for running missions for them (I have 4 already!)
  3. Watch your capacitor capacity – You can load your ship with handy gizmos and
    gadgets, including armour and shield repairers, which eat up energy from your rechargeable capacitor (obviously the word battery is forgotten in the distant future).  Quite often it’ll reach zero, turn off your shield repair and it won’t turn back on until you notice you have no shields and click on it again.

Having mastered the art of space jousting Maxi’s starting to learn the basics of Exploration
which again sounds more exciting than it actually is.  It appears to involve going somewhere, scanning for some stuff and if you don’t find it go somewhere else and see if you find it by scanning there instead.  Then repeat until you find what you’re looking for.
Apparently lots of treats can be found this way so I’ll persevere.  Plus, the exploration trainer gave me a ship as well!  Thanks guys!

On the corporation front it seems a good idea to stick with this training corporation
until I’ve got all the skills (and free ships!) I can out of them, then I’ll start looking for my first real corporation to join.  I’ve already got my eye on one after having a browse of the ‘Recruitment’ chat channel in which recruiters basically spam adverts until someone responds.  This one caught my eye: Legio Incarna Holdings (http://legio-incarna.com/).  Why?

  1. I like the name.  Very…pretentious!
  2. It’s open to everyone, beginners like me included.
  3. They’re about as new, unsure and yet ambitious as our young Maxi Foyle is.

My only concern is a little niggling feeling in the back of my neck, born from some of my
research before starting EVE, that people are always out to scam you in this game, and anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is.  Their promise of no Corporation tax would fall under the ‘too good to be true’ category.

Sod it, I’m going to apply as soon as I’ve completed my training.  I’ll let you know how I
get on in the next instalment.  And really, some pictures next time (I finally got my screengrab software working about 2 minutes ago).

P.S. One final note on the cost of the game: I’m currently using a 14 day trial with the plan to sign up for an initial 3 months after (for 38.85).  Interestingly I’ve learnt you can buy more game time, at 30 days a pop, in-game using the in-game money ISK.  Apparently you need about 330 million ISK for a 30 day PLEX card so I’m a long way from funding my play time that way!  But maybe when I’m a billionaire galaxy ruler….


One response

  1. I am indeed a brash, whirlwind of a personality. Finally, someone sees me as I am.

    Looking forward to completing your basic training.

    Best Regards,
    – Capt. Renge Ukyo
    Recruiter, Basic Trainer
    Ludus Principatus Terrae Inc.

    May 11, 2011 at 12:59 am

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